Wednesday, September 9, 2009

single again @ 090909

i posted this on his facebook encem

it has been a wonderful journey with you razali sabtu

the smile, laugh & joy, the sadness, tears & pain... thank you so much for the 21 months of love & life experience with you... it is a good lesson learn to myself & hoping that one day, u'll know how it feels being cheated & used by someone you really love.

oh btw, u know my acct. no. & what to do next aite? as u promised to ur cousin + my pet bro, the time is due by 110909. hope u'll keep ur words, u just need to return what is not urs...

well, i did warn you while you were trying to win my heart months back, remember?
i said, "dont mess with alinx, coz i can be ur worst nightmare..."

heh heh heh heh heh
(sounds very 'evil' setan)


  1. go go girl!!sometime we need space from everything...

  2. sigh ... bila nak hapdet post baruuu?? hehehe citer pasal nak raya la pulak :D :D

  3. @ genny : aiyakkk tak perasan ada comment kat sini, hihi... yep... i really need the spaces...

    @ babe : sudah update...pasal raya tadak yg menarik sbb kurang kesihatan...huhu



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