Friday, October 30, 2009

lets join CATCHEYE

hi peeps peace

lets join CATCHEYE before its to late...
*Catcheye: A different approach to advertising*

Catcheye is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to deliver their advertisements in a highly effective manner. Our ad delivery platform guarantees that each ad is viewed by unique and voluntary viewers. In return, they will earn Catcheye reward points which can be exchanged for cash and/or other prizes. Viewers are also required to answer 3 simple questions related to the ad being displayed, hence strengthening their impression and understanding of the message being conveyed.

In addition, Catcheye will donate to a charity organization (of the user’s choice) everytime an ad is viewed. Indirectly, this allows companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities while promoting their businesses.

to register, click here OR any of the pictures below,


forgive & forget

between the sexes, who is more likely to let go of grievances?

☻ MEN tend to focus on who did what, so they're more interested in revenge and justice. they are much more forgiving when they have emotional empathy for their wives. extroverts are more apt to shrug off offences than less social guys.

☺WOMEN forgive whether they feel empathy or not. they are oriented towards community (how can we all get along?) and therefore more likely to kiss and make up. personality doesn't affect women's ability to forgive.

Common Ground Men and Women are more likely to forgive if the offence is minor, if the offender apologises, or if the offence takes place in a committed relationship kenyit

Friday, October 16, 2009

kris dayanti - menanti cinta

sejak lama aku berdiri
dalam sepinya rongga hati
tak satu pun burung
mampu menjawab

* hanya padaMu ku bertanya
lewat setiap sujudku ini
siapa kah nanti
cinta untukku

wahai penilai hati lihat batinku
nyaris bernanah karna luka tersayat
merana menantikan cinta dan kasih hidupku

rahasia itu hanya Kau yang tahu
namun aku tak mau jadi tuna cinta
tuntun hatiku dalam sabar menanti jodohku

repeat *
repeat reff

rahasia itu hanya Kau yang tahu
namun aku tak mau jadi tuna cinta
namun harus ku ikhlaskan nasib cintaku padaMu


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