Thursday, October 21, 2010

he is so sweet

i was on the way back from a dinner with my pet sis + her newly born baby girl @ alamanda, was on wheel @ mex highway when i received a msg from my other half...

*ting ting*
" i love u syg... Muaxh "

(talked to myself, 'aiksss... he knows that am on the way home... jap lagi syg reply eh syg')

*ting ting*
" 2010hr... 20/10/2010 "

(talked louder to myself, 'ooowwwhhh... u are so sweet baby')

27 minutes later i replied;
" i love u too syg... muaxh "
" terima kasih syg... "

he replied, " sama2 syg... "

am so in love with him, my syg my al juma...
looking at the sweet msg again & again & again, i think am the luckiest lady in this world...

because he chose me to be his other half, because he wanted me so much, because he proposed me to marry him and last but not least... because we are so much in love towards each other...

muzafar shah bin mustapa, i can't wait to be called as mrs al juma

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