Wednesday, November 28, 2012

enjoy a better life!

definitely! heheh...
am enjoying a better life. goodbye to the old fashion iron!

been eyeing this steam iron for few months. did some survey here and there. comparing prices everywhere. until i saw this green fellah, felt like love at the 1st sight! kehkehkeh... been touching him, staring at him, grinning towards him whenever i had the chance to meet him (5 - 6 times before i finally made the decision to bring 'him' back home).

enough sayin' already. please meet my Mr.McSteamy ^_^

yesss... we must enjoy a better life!
Shimono Steam Iron = RM499 @ Parkson, Subang Parade

 owh definitely, already said goodbye to the old fashion iron
*wink wink*

oh yes, it comes with pants press + fabric brush + glove + hand held steaming board

 its features...

our lil danbo with our new 'toy'

~open sesame...~

macam robot heheh...

the glove

 tadaaa, Mr.McSteamy ready to serve

~omong kosong~
dok mengidam nak beli steam iron ni sejak sebelum raya tahun ni lagi. tp tabung asyik tak cukup. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya berjaya gak memenuhi idamanku... ^_^



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